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Japan in the 1950s

1. A young Japanese woman in a kimono takes part in the Hula-Hoop craze that swept America and Japan in this October 30, 1958, picture.(AP Photo/Mitsunori Chigita

2. Women greet repatriated Japanese soldiers, formerly prisoners of war, on April 26, 1950. The men bear the ashes of their friends who died during their imprisonment. (AP Photo)

3. A Japanese girl carefully sorts cultured pearls raised on Kokichi Mikimoto’s pearl farm near the tip of Japan’s Ise peninsula on October 12, 1949. They are sorted according to color and size as well as shape. (AP Photo)

4. To draw the public’s attention to a new line of bathing suits, a Tokyo department store used live models to show off the suits on June 5, 1950. The rain didn’t bother the curious, and both the girls and the crowd seemed to like the idea of staring at each other through the glass. (AP Photo)

5. Dining room of an orphanage in Osaka, Japan, on February 19, 1951, where the 160 orphans were fed each day on food purchased by the Wolfhounds, the 27th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army. (AP Photo/Jim Pringle)

6. Industrial training experts watch a light bulb machine drop bulbs down to other workers who sort them according to defects at Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. in Tokyo on January 25, 1951. (AP Photo/U.S. Army/Arthur Curlis

7. Pro-communist demonstrators stone Japanese policemen at the height of May Day riots in downtown Tokyo on May 1, 1952. Casualties were numerous on both sides as police used tear gas, guns and clubs to beat back the waves of rioters. (AP Photo/Max Desfor)

8. Spectators equipped with fans watch a baseball game between Waseda and Keio Universities at Meiji Park, Tokyo, on June 1, 1954. At left Japanese counterpart of American cheerleader leads rooters whose fans are painted with school colors. (AP Photo)

9. Japanese girls Mitsuko Kuranoto, left, and Emiko Takemoto, survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bombing 10 years earlier, face newsmen and photographers at the Mitchel Air Force base on Long Island, New York, on May 9, 1955. Twenty-five Japanese girls, scarred by the blast, made the 6,700 mile trip to New York cautiously hopeful that the miracle of plastic surgery can give them new faces.(AP Photo/Jacob Harris)

10. Some 50 colorfully-garbed Buddhist monks march from the Buddhist goddess of Mercy Statue in Kyoto, Japan on May 11, 1958, after the unveiling of a memorial to Allied dead of World War II on June 8. A white marble tablet, honoring more than 48,000 soldiers who died fighting against Japan, was uncovered in base of the 80-foot-high statue. The Buddha is dedicated to the more than one million Japanese who perished in the war. (AP Photo) 



Quezon City Memorial Circle & Elliptical Road

I used to drive here every single day on the way to school.

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