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Ben Zank | on Tumblr (USA) - 365 Project

Benjamin Zank, better known as Ben Zank, is a young and very talented photographer born in Bronx, New York. At the age of 18, he began taking photographs for fun after he discovered a Pentax ME Super in his grandmother’s attic. Strange, melancholic and sometimes surreal, his self-portraits immortalize himself in various situations and aim to stretch the viewer’s imagination and express his feelings when words fail.

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 Geuzenveld • Amsterdam • The Netherlands

The Parkrand building condenses small housing units into an impressive volume preserving and even enlarging, the park.  The program is split into five towers connected with a patio which forms a lifted semi-public area that overlooks and enlarges the surrounding park.  The park building is seen to continue the optimistic tradition that characterizes the history of these post war modernist neighbourhoods.


Photos by jose carlos melodias, Rory Hyde & Matthijs Borghgraef

(Source: ombuarchitecture)

Tadahh! …Introducing Taytay falls, the Forest & a photobomber me (hehe sorry for that) :)

me laughing while making a post and failed hehe, nice view isn’t? :D except me hehe


charli-mak & me taking photos going to Taytay falls, Majayjay Laguna

(I slip on that rock LOL!)

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